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[ m a t u i t ] [ m a t u i t ]

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I use the phrase "My answer to you is time" almost on a daily basis. It is one of my favorite quotes, such a great reference to inject in a conversation even when slightly off-meaning.

catchy melody too

Kingbastard responds:

my answer to you is.... :)

I Am A Tree I Am A Tree

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vocals back for good?

great ditty! I'm glad to see you have your audio recording methods back for good, your voice sounds very Pedro The Lion -esque in this one.

[ b i p o l a r ] [ b i p o l a r ]

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I can't get away from the very Sigur Rós esque intro and interesting electro beats from this song. I did notice the very lo-bit rate vocal sound which didn't turn off the quality of the melody too much and still left room for an excellent overall track.

I already have 104 songs of yours, and always looking for more. Downloaded the records on Herb, working on a few vids for you if you're interested. I posted a silly video on youtube for "Beware of the Bastard" which I see you've commented on :)

keep de good choons comin

Kingbastard responds:

104 songs!!! i think that's more than i have myself:D

State of Emergency 1 State of Emergency 1

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There's lice in my salad bowl
And cheese on my beans
Accept this review of marvel
Whatever that means

PHOENIXtrunks responds:, that's such a helpful review...thanks! well, at least you seemed to like the song :)

_-_Kirby_-_ _-_Kirby_-_

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FL Studio Rocks.... But....

ok man, I know exactly how you made that and if I'm wrong than this has to be one HUGE coincidence.

Reegz was the original creator of that song which he published on Fruity Loops ver 4.0 and named "Reegz - Mess'n Around". I admit, its a sweet song. But if you're gonna just edit some instruments and little lines here and there and publish it as your own then at least give him the original credit. (its a really fun song to play around with, I know)

please reply and correct me in any place I might be wrong in...

Lova-Gurl responds:

i know that but i redid all the beats myself i didn't go to that song and start from there like most people do i start from scratch.